Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

'Once you're lost in twilight's blue...'

Letztens habe ich einen alten Lidschatten von Chicogo (heute: Rimmel London) in den tiefen Ecken meines Schrankes wiedergefunden. Er ist blau-metallic. Ein Überbleibsel aus den 90ern. Ich hatte ihn die ganzen Jahre nicht vermisst, geschweige denn benutzt. Doch nun wollte ich ihn wieder ausprobieren. Mir gefiel seine leuchtende, schimmernde und frische Farbe. Sie hat etwas Mystisches an sich. Somit kreierte ich sogleich drei Looks mit meiner Wiederentdeckung des Sommers...

A few days ago I've found an old eyeshadow by Chicogo (now: Rimmel London) in the deep corners of my cupboard. It's blue-metallic. A relic of the 90s. All these years I haven't missed it at all. But now I wanted to try it. I liked its luminous, shiny and fresh color. It's kind of mystical. So I created three looks with my rediscovery of the summer right away...

'Once you're lost in twilight's blue. You don't find your way, the way finds you...'
- Queens of the Stone Age 'Someone's in the wolf'

eyeshadow:  Chicogo Shadow Stick 'no. 24' | essence Sun Club 'Long Beach 02'
lipstick: Catrice Ultimate Color 'Princess Peach 050'

'Just ignore the smoke and smile. Call it aftermath, she's turning blue. Such a lovely color for you.' - A Perfect Circle 'Blue'

eyeshadow: Chicogo Shadow Stick 'no. 24' | essence Sun Club 'Long Beach 02' | p2 Universe 'Opulent Jupiter 060' | KIKO eyeshadow 'no. 83'
lipstick: Catrice Ultimate Color 'Princess Peach 050'

'You warm by the firelight, in twilight's blue. Shadows creep and dance the walls...'
- Queens of the Stone Age 'Someone's in the wolf'

eyeshadow: Chicogo Shadow Stick 'no. 24' | Maybelline NY Pure Color 'So Black 33' | essence Shimmer Effect Eyeshadow 'Chill Out 01'
lipstick: p2 Spring Please Morning Dew Lipgloss

photos by: Anke Bierschenk


  1. It looks amazing, especially with your hair! Be careful though, old make-up it's not safe to use! I once used an old lipstick and my lips were swollen within seconds! I had to take it off asap! Brrrr horrible experience, now I throw away my make up after one year, one year and a half. I had to throw away two full palettes (eyeshadow and lipstick) cause I left them in my parents house when I moved abroad and completely forgot about them. When I came back I threw them, I was too scared of using them!

    1. Thank you for your good advice, Elisa. I really appreciate it. I know that it's not good to use old make-up. But I just wanted to try it again, 'cause the color is so precious and shiny. And everything's alright, nothing happend. But normaly I don't use make-up that is so old.