Samstag, 2. November 2013

Indian Summer: Medusa smiles, Judas lips

Das ist das zweite Outfit unter dem Motto Indian Summer. Diesmal steht die karierte Bluse im Mittelpunkt, in einer meiner momentanen Lieblingsfarben: Weinrot.

This is the second outfit under the motto Indian Summer. This time the focus is on the checked blouse, in one of my favorite colors at the moment: wine-red.

Medusa smiles, Judas lips. Open arms and finger tips. Love bites and recompense....It' a all in your face. - Bush 'The Sound of Winter'

blouse H&M | fake leather pants New Yorker | ankle boots Deichmann

Accessoires | accessory

chains H&M | anchor plugs Crazy Factory | cuffs H&M | shades Urban Outfitters | nail polish Manhatten Lotus Effect ' Dream On 03'